With a Little Bit O' Luck – Dave Sealey ADA110CD




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Track Listing:
1   Old Sam (Pick Oop Tha’ Musket)
2   Picking Poppies With Poppy
3   My Word! You Do Look Queer!
4   The Lion And Albert/The Return of Albert
5   The Co-Optimist's Song/The King Who Wanted Jam For Tea
6   Sam's Christmas Pudding!
7   Beat The Retreat On Thy Drum
8   Fancy Me Meeting You/Sometimes I'm Happy
9   Three Ha'pence A Foot
10  The Jubilee Sovereign
11  The Christening
12  Get Me To The Church On Time
13  And Yet I Don't Know!
14  Brahn Boots
15  London Pride
16  Joan of Paddington Green
17  I Live in Trafalgar Square
18  With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
19  Albert Down Under



A collection of songs and monologues that were performed by the great Stanley Holloway from the highly acclaimed one-man show “With A Little Bit O’Luck” written and performed by Dave Sealey (ex-Cosmotheka);  a tribute to one of Britain’s greatest actors and music hall performers.

Stanley Holloway was one of Britain’s truly international super stars.  Following his enormous success in one of the greatest musicals ever, “My Fair Lady”, he became a household name in every country in the world, and he was 74 years old when he performed those great songs, “With A Little Bit Of Luck” and “Get Me To The Church On Time”.  Both tracks are featured on the CD - produced by John Tams - along with other classic tracks, “The Lion & Albert”, “Brahn Boots” and “With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm”:  20 musical gems performed here by Dave Sealey with style and passion.

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